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Dead Sea - Lowest Point on the Planet

Dead Sea - Lowest Point in the Planet from Leo Bar PIX IN MOTION on Vimeo.
"Dead Sea is the lowest point on the Planet, measuring at 420 meters (1,378 feet) below sea level. Shores of the Dead Sea are actually the lowest point on Earth, as there are deeper points on Earth under ice or water. The deepness 330m (1,083 feet) of Dead Sea makes it the deepest saline lake on Earth. 
Dead Sea is the second saltiest water body on earth. It has thirty percent of salinity, which makes the water 8.6 times more piquet than ocean. It is 9 times piquet than Mediterranean. 
Length of Dead Sea is 67 kilometers and its width is 18 kilometers. Lying in Jordan rift valley, Jordan River is the main tributary of the Dead Sea. It is surprising for many individuals to understand how any sea can lie 420 meters below the sea level. Dead Sea lies above Dead Sea rift, which is a tectonic line of fault between the African plates and Arabian plates. The heavy movement beneath these plates caused Dead Sea to sink below normal sea level. 
Earlier, the Dead Sea had several outlets to the Mediterranean See. However, due to constant movements and rapid evaporation rate, these outlets dried. The sea went down further and high evaporation scales caused accumulation of minerals at the bottom of bed. It increased the salinity of waters and now, it has 30 to 31 percent of mineral salts in it. The Dead Sea is sinking even more. According to Middle East researchers, some 40 years before, Dead Sea was about 1,292 feet beneath the sea level and presently, it is nearly 1,360 feet below. Even the water level of Dead Sea is exhausting each year by more than three feet. 
Environmentalists are concerned that if such shrinkage continues, then it will be not too long that there will be no sign of the Dead Sea. Within few years, Dead Sea will turn into a valley and this lowest point will soon become a history. Moreover, establishment of dams, irrigation systems and other reservoirs have reduced the water level. 
Cosmetic companies are taking out huge lumps of minerals every day, which lowers the Dead Sea even more. 
Therefore, this is certainly not good news because Dead Sea will still be the lowest point in future, but without any water in it."

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